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Cost of Curiosity

Cost of Curiosity

  • $120.00

The bottom-center of this piece stands a sassy adolescent girl, contemplating a simple decision with a potential life-altering consequence. Her original sin is about to expire. If she chooses the tempting road directly in front of her, it’s led into a dark place; A tunnel, leading straight to the heart of the beast. It’s a place where bad things happen and mischief runs amuck; A place where she will be her own boss and the queen of her castle with neither rules nor consequences.

This tempting beast, with its crooked arm, wields a blade, which he uses to sever the head of the golden bull. The golden bull retains its representation as being the object of desire and idolatry; however, the beast comes second to NO ONE. The beast covets the child’s mind and will go to any length to lead this innocent child into the grasp of mischief, including decapitating another.

*Each digital print comes with a handwritten title and signature from the artist.