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About The Artist

Lou Ferrigno Jr. is an American Pop-Surreal artist from Los Angeles, Ca. While playing football at USC, Lou suffered a devastating injury, prematurely ending his football career. Consequently, Lou entered into a dark period in his young life with no immediate career plans beyond graduation. As a lifelong artist, he chose painting as a way to distract from his emotional pain and the rigors of physical rehabilitation. With no formal artistic training, Lou employed his artistic talents, channeling his creativity through paint and canvas to develop his own unique painting style he refers to as “Pop-Surrealism.”


Through the use of mixed media, Lou is able to create thought-provoking artwork filled with symbolic meaning and artistic prowess. He derives artistic inspiration from his past life experiences, personal relationships, love, the animal kingdom, and the physical human aesthetic.


For each commissioned piece, Lou works closely with his clients to achieve an exclusive expression of movement and color composition, compounding multiple facets of the client’s everyday life. He has showcased his work at various venues all across Los Angeles. Aside from his passion for painting, Lou is an accomplished theatrical and commercial actor, working on dozens of films, national network television programs, and commercials.