Vanilla Gorilla – Ferrigno Art
Vanilla Gorilla

Vanilla Gorilla

  • $120.00

This Gorilla is quite the prize and he is well aware, possessing a rare Vanilla hue, the only one of his kind in existence. He is about to dive into a delectable cherry-topped vanilla ice cream cone; yet, he is unknowingly perched upon a larger cone, the object of desire for a larger, hungrier, more dangerous force.

The mouth in the background is a symbol for that force, internal fears keeping us motivated, while simultaneously enlightening us to our own mortality physically and professionally, and creatively. The flowers are turned toward the Gorilla because he is indeed a sight to behold, albeit in this moment the cocky gorilla is incapable of acknowledging the imminent threat that lingers. Roadblocks continue to arise in our paths toward progression but ultimately it is up to the individual whether or not he/she allows them to impede the movement towards goals we set out to achieve. Pride comes before the fall.

*Each digital print comes with a handwritten title and signature from the artist.